Very impressed by your beautiful work!
-- Grethe Holtan, 10/24/21

Hi Nina I also have a site on Zhibit but I am self taught and started painting at the age of 60 but nowhere as proficient as you. I love your paintings. I am actually in awe and I just wanted to let you know.
-- Mark Kertzman, 1/19/19

I just love your work I been taking classes but I feel I need to learn more do you have workshops ?
-- 832793, 10/18/16

Looks like you have been doing a lot of new work. It is all beautiful. Still looking forward to you and Paul making your way up to NW Montana someday.
-- Tim& Lisa Mahoney, 3/16/16

Awsome artwork nina do you sell online? love the otters
-- Guy Marshall, 8/15/14

I love your beautiful art. I found several pieces of your art that had my favorite colors and themes. The sea turtles with blue and turquoise backgrounds are highest up on my list!
-- Marianne Coveney, 4/26/14

-- Rene'e La Montagne, 2/23/14

Great artwork, Nina. So glad to see you've turned your dream into reality. Best of luck for continued success :)
-- Ron & Suzan Lamb, 11/2/13

What beautiful work!
-- Susan Stienstra, 5/29/12

Loved getting to watch you work and get to know you. Hope to connect again in the future.
-- Antionette, 8/2/11

Picked up a brochure of the Tahoe Art League. Your work caught my eye. love all the detail of your work and I'm drawn to the same art style as you paint. Beautiful!! 7/26/11
-- Jill Grime, 7/26/11

Have some of your work and really enjoy them. Looking forward to seeing more of you work.
-- Bruce Hollander, 1/22/11

Hi Nina--Nice website!!!
-- Eric And Laura Zarazua, 12/31/10

Love this!
-- Sniv'ler, 12/15/10

Nina... your art work is beautiful!! I was very impresed and all your subjects are something I LOVE, especially the turtles of Maui. Aloha nui loa..... Irene Russ
-- Irene Russ, 11/2/10

Saw your work in Tahoe and love it, especially the animals. Would love to see any new pieces you do.
-- Sandy Meddock, 10/5/10

My husband and I bought 5 prints this Labor Day weekend at Tahoe at the Y. Love your pictures.
-- Irene Hollander, 9/5/10

I love your stuff! You are my inspiration for taking up art again after 40 years. You go girl!
-- Coco Miller, 8/25/10

Saw your work at the Tahoe Artist Studio Tour and admired it. Hope you are getting inspired in Hawaii.
-- Anne Hudson, 8/15/10

Impressive, as always!
-- Sawyer, 7/26/10

great, great, great.
-- Evelyn Yonker, 5/26/10

I'm your number one fan!!!!!
-- Suzie Turbay, 5/10/10

James LasenbyYour work is fantastic, out standing in your attention to detail! Just loved all your work,a real pleasure to view your site! If you have some free time would like to read your comments on my site,thank you and take care!!
-- James Lasenby, 5/3/10

 Nina Lee MajorSouth Lake Tahoe, CA530-545-1352