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Very impressed by your beautiful work!
-- Grethe Holtan, 10/24/21

Hi Nina I also have a site on Zhibit but I am self taught and started painting at the age of 60 but nowhere as proficient as you. I love your paintings. I am actually in awe and I just wanted to let you know.
-- Mark Kertzman, 1/19/19

I just love your work I been taking classes but I feel I need to learn more do you have workshops ?
-- 832793, 10/18/16

Looks like you have been doing a lot of new work. It is all beautiful. Still looking forward to you and Paul making your way up to NW Montana someday.
-- Tim& Lisa Mahoney, 3/16/16

Awsome artwork nina do you sell online? love the otters
-- Guy Marshall, 8/15/14

I love your beautiful art. I found several pieces of your art that had my favorite colors and themes. The sea turtles with blue and turquoise backgrounds are highest up on my list!
-- Marianne Coveney, 4/26/14

-- Rene'e La Montagne, 2/23/14

Great artwork, Nina. So glad to see you've turned your dream into reality. Best of luck for continued success :)
-- Ron & Suzan Lamb, 11/2/13

What beautiful work!
-- Susan Stienstra, 5/29/12

Loved getting to watch you work and get to know you. Hope to connect again in the future.
-- Antionette, 8/2/11

Picked up a brochure of the Tahoe Art League. Your work caught my eye. love all the detail of your work and I'm drawn to the same art style as you paint. Beautiful!! 7/26/11
-- Jill Grime, 7/26/11

Have some of your work and really enjoy them. Looking forward to seeing more of you work.
-- Bruce Hollander, 1/22/11

Hi Nina--Nice website!!!
-- Eric And Laura Zarazua, 12/31/10

Love this!
-- Sniv'ler, 12/15/10

Nina... your art work is beautiful!! I was very impresed and all your subjects are something I LOVE, especially the turtles of Maui. Aloha nui loa..... Irene Russ
-- Irene Russ, 11/2/10

Saw your work in Tahoe and love it, especially the animals. Would love to see any new pieces you do.
-- Sandy Meddock, 10/5/10

My husband and I bought 5 prints this Labor Day weekend at Tahoe at the Y. Love your pictures.
-- Irene Hollander, 9/5/10

I love your stuff! You are my inspiration for taking up art again after 40 years. You go girl!
-- Coco Miller, 8/25/10

Saw your work at the Tahoe Artist Studio Tour and admired it. Hope you are getting inspired in Hawaii.
-- Anne Hudson, 8/15/10

Impressive, as always!
-- Sawyer, 7/26/10

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